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Raw Edge Laminated Belts

For all your hig power transmission capacity need there’s the Blackbelt Raw Edge Laminated designed with increased horsepower capacity and greater flexibility.

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Blackbelt Raw Edged Laminated Belts Advantages:

  • Raw Edged Laminated belts by BLACKBELT are designed for supreme belt linear speeds and are antistatic.
  • Our belts are resistant to oil and can handle a wide range of temperatures, have high performance and efficiency.
  • The belts are characterised by water-resistance, have high tension durability.
  • Blackbelt Raw Edged Laminated Belts are made of resilient materials and afford a long service life, seamless operations and produce minimal noise.
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    Engine mounts, also known as motor mounts, are crucial components in...

    Spring Bush

    Spring Bush designed to help you drive in peace and silence



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