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Raw Edge Cogged Belts

Our Raw-Edge Cogged belts ensure energy, power saving and more life.
BLACKBELT Raw Edged Cogged Belts are perfect for high power transmission.

Service & Installation Guide

Blackbelt Raw Edge Cogged Advantages:

  • Temperature resistant from – 30° to +90°C
  • The belts save energy and maintain very low heat build-up resulting in longer belt life.
  • The belts are heat resistant, oil resistant and anti-static. Particularly resistant to environmental influences like heat, ozone, sunlight and effects of the weather.
  • Electrically conducive
  • Blackbelt Raw Edged Cogged belts come with longer service life and transmit more horsepower at higher speeds.
  • Industries Where Raw Edged Cogged Belts Are Used:

    Because of their increased flexibility, cooler running and better coefficient of friction, raw edge cogged belts are used widely in many industries including Mining & quarrying, packaging, material handling, processing industries and HVAC.

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    Section Top Height Angle Length Range(li)
    in 1/10 inches in mm
    ZX/10 10 6 40 19-197 485-5000
    AX/13X 13 8 40 19-197 485-5000
    BX/17X 17 11 40 23-197 585-5000
    CX/22X 22 14 40 42-197 1065-5000
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