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Raw Edge Cogged Belts

Raw-edge belts have cogs on the bottom section and forego the fabric wrapping on the outside of the belt, leaving the interior materials exposed on the sides. The belt, provided with a higher coefficient of friction, can now better grip the sheaves.

Blackbelt Raw Edge Cogged Advantages:

  • Temperature resistant from – 30° to +90°C
  • Electrically conductive
  • Oil resistant (UNSURE)
  • Particularly resistant to environmental influences like heat, ozone, sunlight and effects of the weather.
  • Fibre reinforced neoprene moulded teeth
  • Industries Where Raw Edged Cogged Belts Are Used:

    Because of their increased flexibility, cooler running and better coefficient of friction, raw edge cogged belts are used widely in many industries including Mining & quarrying, packaging, material handling, processing industries and HVAC.

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